Vice president Wu Yin won the Anhui Province Science and technology award of traditional Chinese medicine

On October 22, Anhui society of traditional Chinese medicine held "2016 academic annual meeting and high level Forum on reform and development of traditional Chinese medicine hospital and health service of traditional Chinese medicine" in Hefei. At the meeting, the research on curative effect evaluation and promotion and application of Qingre Lishi Jiedu method (yinlian powder) on diabetic foot was awarded "one party Cup" in Anhui Province in 2016 Third prize of science and technology.
Diabetic foot is a difficult disease involving many subjects. The etiology and pathogenesis are complex, and the treatment is difficult. At present, the treatment of diabetic foot in western medicine mainly includes local debridement, anti infection, improvement of local blood supply, nutritional nerve, intervention, stem cell transplantation and so on. The curative effect is not satisfactory, which seriously affects the quality of life of diabetic patients. Professor Wu Yin, vice president of the hospital of traditional Chinese and Western medicine, has studied the treatment of diabetes mellitus and its complications, gout, chronic kidney disease, peripheral vascular disease, chronic hepatitis, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease, male disease and other difficult diseases. Especially in the treatment of diabetic foot with the combination of traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine, the curative effect is good Significantly, it saved many patients from amputation. Professor Wu Yin presided over the scientific research of "Qingre Lishi Jiedu method (yinlian powder) on diabetic foot curative effect evaluation and promotion and Application Research". Through literature research, combined with long-term clinical practice observation, according to the basic theory of traditional Chinese medicine, disease differentiation and treatment, syndrome differentiation and pharmacology research, yinlian powder, which has the effect of clearing heat, dampness and detoxification, was selected According to the severity of diabetic foot to carry out the study of clinical efficacy, the application of modern statistical methods for data analysis, the results show that Qingre Lishi Jiedu method (yinlian powder) intervention in the treatment of diabetic foot patients achieved good clinical efficacy. This method is simple and easy to learn, easy to operate, good compliance of patients, and easy to be popularized and applied in grass-roots and community hospitals. It reflects the advantages and characteristics of TCM in the treatment of chronic complications of diabetes mellitus by differentiation of disease, syndrome differentiation and treatment, principle, method and prescription, multi-target and multi-channel prevention and treatment of chronic complications of diabetes, highlighting the law of TCM syndrome treatment, and achieving better economic and social benefits.