Hold a series of special lectures on scientific research

          At 3:00 p.m. on September 12, our hospital held a series of special lectures on scientific research in the South conference room of the administrative office building. Vice president Zhang Xu, member of the Party committee Ye Chunying, heads of relevant functional departments and clinical departments attended the lecture. The lecture was presided over by vice president Zhang Xu, and the lectures were given by Prof. Qian Zhongqing and Professor Gao Qin of the scientific research department of Bengbu Medical College. More than 100 medical staff (including graduate students and resident students) attended the lecture. 

           Vice president Zhang Xu gave a brief introduction to the two professors: Qian Zhongqing, doctor, Professor, postgraduate supervisor, director of scientific research department of Bengbu Medical College, editorial board member of Journal of Bengbu Medical College, one third prize of Anhui Provincial Science and technology progress award, and one national invention patent granted; Gao Qin, doctor and Professor, deputy director of scientific research department of Bengbu Medical College, Journal of Southern Medical University, and《 The Journal of Bengbu Medical College and Anhui medicine have won two second prizes of provincial teaching achievement award and one second prize of school level teaching achievement award. Both professors have presided over or participated in many national and provincial topics, and published nearly 20 papers in SCI as the first author or corresponding author.            In the lecture, Professor Qian Zhongqing focused on the topic of "summary of scientific research achievements and scientific research ethics standards", and made specific elaboration and guidance from the basic concepts of scientific and technological achievements, scientific and technological achievements appraisal, application for science and technology awards, and ethics and norms of scientific research. Professor Gao Qin explained in detail various problems and successful cases of scientific research from the connotation, topic selection and design of scientific research, and summarized and revealed the approaches, methods and laws of scientific research success. In the whole lecture, the two professors quoted from other sources, with their own profound academic foundation and solid theoretical literacy, which attracted the whole audience and won the praise of medical staff.  

          Vice president Zhang Xu made a concluding speech, thanking the two professors of Bengbu Medical College for their wonderful lectures. He looked forward to the two professors often coming to our hospital to guide scientific research work in the future. He said that the Department of scientific research regularly carried out a series of lectures and welcomed you to participate actively.