Academic lectures on scientific research organized by imperial examination of general practice in our hospital

In order to improve the scientific research and academic literacy of medical staff in general medicine department, a scientific research academic lecture was held in the afternoon of September 17. Yao Guanghui, director of general medicine department, presided over the lecture. Medical staff of general medicine department, students of general practice department and medical staff of other departments of our hospital attended the lecture.
In this lecture, Yao Renbin, director of Editorial Department of Journal of Bengbu Medical College, and Dr. Han Guangming, scientific research department of our hospital, were invited to give academic reports, with the titles of "thesis requirements and preparation strategies in the assessment of general practitioners' professional titles" and "how general practitioners write application forms for scientific research projects". Director Yao Renbin elaborated the concepts of treatises, reviews, three innovations and special reports, recommended journals and magazines closely related to general practice, and introduced the writing skills and review rules of papers with a large number of vivid and detailed cases. Chief Han Guangming explained patiently and carefully how to fill in the application form of scientific research projects in general medicine department: the topic selection of scientific research subjects should follow the principles of necessity, innovation, scientificity, practicability and feasibility, and should not be ambitious and unrealistic. Scientific research level needs to be accumulated bit by bit. Director Yao Guanghui encouraged everyone to actively apply for scientific research subjects, promote medical treatment through scientific research, and strive to create a famous department in Northern Anhui.